If you are a lawyer, barrister, judge, financial adviser, family consultant or other professional and have an interest in training as a collaborative lawyer or finding out more about the process please contact one of our Chairs (Lisa Bray or Helen Cort) for more information.

Your Lawyer

It is important when seeking legal advice about family matters that you receive constructive and supportive advice from a lawyer who concentrates on the best outcome for the family and providing you with all of the options, whilst also protecting your interests. Please see details of our members who will all ensure that constructive, family focused advice is given from the outset whatever route you decide to take.

Helen Cort (Co-Chair)

Dutton Gregory LLP
Helen Cort

Sarah French

Godwins Solicitors LLP
Sarah French

Jennifer Williamson

Blake Morgan LLP
Jennifer Williamson


Family consultants and financial neutrals

Using neutrals in the collaborative process can assist the progress of a case in many ways. The neutral may be a specialist family consultant, financial adviser, barrister, mediator or other specialist. Their expertise can often resolve points of dispute in the Collaborative Process.

Karen Morley (Family Consultant)

Better Life Coaching
Karen Morley

Mike Caffyn, APFS (Financial Consultant)

TRPP Wealth Management
Mike Caffyn

Nick Dean, APFS (Financial Consultant)

TRPP Wealth Management
Nick Dean