Collaborative Law

Ease the pain of family separation and find solutions together

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Collaborative Law
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Collaborative Law in action

Watching this video will give you a clear picture of how the collaborative process works and how it can help a family separate with the least pain, upset and confusion for the whole family.

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Case Studies


Exploring New Horizons
21st September 2018
Published 21 September 2018 A collection of photos from the Solent Collaborative Pod training day, Tuesday 18th September 2018:
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Stop, Collaborate And Listen
24th August 2016
Stop, Collaborate And Listen Published 24 August 2015
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Collaborative Law - Key Information
14th July 2016
Collaborative Law - Key Information Published 14 July 2015
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Pension Reforms- Increase Options & Flexibility On Divorce
28th June 2016
Pension Reforms- Increase Options & Flexibility On Divorce Published 28 June 2015
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