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Collaborative Law

Ease the pain of family separation and find solutions together

Collaborative Law in action

Watching this video will give you a clear picture of how the collaborative process works and how it can help a family separate with the least pain, upset and confusion for the whole family.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a process where you agree that you will not go to court to resolve your differences but instead will meet around a table with your respective lawyers to reach agreement on all issues. The meetings and discussions are family focussed and aimed at achieving a fair outcome in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

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Your Lawyer

It is important when seeking legal advice about family matters that you receive constructive and supportive advice from a lawyer who concentrates the best outcome for the family and providing you with all of the options, whilst also protecting your interests. Please see details of our memberswho will all ensure that constructive, family focussed advice is given from the outset whatever route you decide to take.

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Using neutrals in the collaborative process can assist the progress of a case in many ways. The neutral may be a specialist family consultant, financial adviser, barrister, mediator or other specialist. Their expertise can often resolve points of dispute in the Collaborative Process.


Testimonials provided by several of our clients:

• "When I began the divorce process, a wise friend said that a good outcome would depend on good work in ending my marriage. Unless we could agree on arrangements for our children and a financial settlement, there would be ongoing conflict to look forward to. But when a relationship is at its lowest point, so is communication and the ease of reaching agreement."

• "The collaborative process was tough at times. There were several moments when I felt more like sending an angry letter than negotiating in person. I was grateful for my solicitor Cathy Sousa's calm, objective and encouraging stance - and the sustained effort both solicitors made to keep discussions on the table and out of Court. Through a series of meetings we were able to reach agreement, without decisions being taken out of our hands."

• "Almost three years past my divorce being finalised, I can see the evidence that good work was done by everyone involved. Through the collaborative process, I think that my relationship with my ex-husband is much better than it might well have been. It is perhaps easier to start rebuilding life if you have achieved some resolution about what has gone before."

• "It was a never-ending circle of frustration and negativity for myself and family, trying to work out how we could ever come to a workable and equitable solution for getting us all back to Australia, when we had established life for ourselves here in the UK. The collaborative approach between Sousa Law and Better Life Coaching enabled myself and my wife to see things with renewed perspective, allowing us to move forward and make informed, positive and effective decisions for our future back in Australia."

• "Thank you for working with us, correctly assessing our capabilities, approach and situation, and responding with the perfect level of involvement. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else in need of similar skills."

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